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Popular veggie muffin, cobbler, or loaf for April and May are Pumpkin Blueberry, Sweet Potato Blueberry & and Spinach Yam!

Please enter your healthy Veggie Cakes recipe’s here, and we will be selecting a monthly winner!

Monthly Winner will receive a $25.00 AMAZON GIFT CARD!

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Categories are Baked Veggie Cakes, and Baked Vegan Veggie Cakes/ Muffins, Loaves, Cobblers, and Cakes.

We challenge you to bake a Vegan, or Non-Vegan Veggie Layer Cake with four layers, using two recipes on How about a six or seven-layer cake using three recipes.

We use all raw fruit and veggies in all of our “Farm to Table” Baking Recipes; please visit for recipes, or be creative with your raw fruits/veggies and bake it your own ..” Mixem Anyway You Wantem”

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We also invite school classrooms to participate and share their baked Veggie Cakes creation with other classmates, and the winning class will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card

One lucky recipe will be chosen by our judges – Dr. Robert Post, the former nutrition advisor to the Obama White and leader of the agency that sets school Meal standards, and former Director of agency that created MyPlate, and Lowry Martin Veggie Cakes© Boutique.

Where do I purchase the Veggie Cake mixes?
Good question! You can purchase your mixes directly on our Amazon page or select a mix to purchase below:
100% Whole Grain Veggie Cakes Boutique! (TM) Baking Mix
Vegan 100% Whole Grain Veggie Cakes Baking Mix (Plant Based)
Vegan Whole Grain Corn / Plant Based Baking Mix

Where do I find the Veggie Cakes recipes?
Also another good question, you can find them on our Veggie Cakes recipes page!

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February Contest Winners!

We have received multiple recipes for February’s recipe contest, you all did such a great job that we decided to have THREE winners! That’s right, three winners.

First place winner gets $50 Amazon gift card and second and third get $25 Amazon gift card each, congratulations! Please check your emails for your winnings.

First Place ($50 Amazon Gift Card)

Second Place ($25 Amazon Gift Card)

Third Place ($25 Amazon Gift Card)