We can mixem…Anyway you wantem…

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Some of our products include; Oh! Apple, Banana Surprise, Berry Mixed Up!, Berry Very Blueberry, Squashyaberries, Squashyalicious, Very Berry Spinach Raspberry, Spinyayams, Yamzy and more….

Mission Statement:

We will provide innovative, practical and high quality products that will contribute to the improvement of people’s health and eating habits.

Our mission is to play an active role by providing our schools and communities with more healthful and enjoyable ways to eat in a fashion that has never been done before!

We believe that our first responsibility is to the consumer who uses our healthy products.

Let us all work together to fight childhood obesity!

All of our products are also available in dry mixes.

This is our nameless Scarecrow, he is the Protector of the Veggie Garden. Here he is smiling for you as he serves up veggie muffins at the Department of Agricultures Annual USDA Commodity Processing Food Show at
The Farm Show Complex

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